DeFi is Disrupting the
Financial Landscape

We’re a highly diverse 8.5B commune
1.7B people have no access to financial services
Meaning 1 in 5 has no access to the financial services
Let us show you how DeFi makes it all different
DeFi Stock Globe
To think of it, that’s 20% of the entire population...

The Case For DeFi

Why centralized finance has to go

Entirely owned by users

The users of the decentralized protocols are fully in charge on future voting decisions and receive the revenue generated through their usage.

Fully transparent

All payments and transactions are settled on the blockchain. Having the blockchain, an immutable ledger, as base layer, everyone is able to verify asset holdings and check confirmed transactions.

Globally accessible

Everyone with an internet connection can participate in this new democratized banking system.

Traditional Centralized Finance Problems

  • Inefficient expensive intermediaries
  • Legacy infrastructure
  • No full control over your assets
  • High level bureaucracy

In a nutshell

Slow and expensive intermediates get replaced by autonomous, self-executing digital agreements (smart contracts). These smart contracts enable users to directly interact with each other without the need of third parties.